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Costume Hire Terms & Conditions



  • The articles comprised in this order (hereafter referred to as goods) are received in good order and condition.
  • Once goods have left the premises of Giggles Fancy Dress Hire the hirer is not entitled to a refund due to a change of circumstances or cancellation of even in which the goods have been hired.
  • A Cancellation fee of $20.00 per costume shall be charged by Giggles Fancy Dress Hire if order is cancelled or not picked up by the due date.
  • The goods shall be used in a proper matter, maintained in good condition and will not be cut, altered or otherwise tampered with.
  • From the time of pickup until the time the goods are returned to Giggles fancy Dress Hire the hirer shall accept all responsibility of the goods.
  • If goods are lost or not returned the hirer shall be charged the cost of replacement.
  • If the goods are in any way damaged the hirer shall be charged for all replacement or repairmen fees.
  • Goods not returned on or before due date shall be charged a late fee of $10 per costume, per day.
  • Should the hirer fail to return the goods within fourteen (14) days of the return date the hirer shall immediately become liable for the replacement value of the goods.
  • Any legal proceedings or other actions taken to obtain the goods shall be at the cost of the hirer.
  • The hirer shall be deemed to be the person by whom the order is placed even if placed on the behalf of any other person.
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